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Professional & Business Services

AMR works across Professional & Business Services and has deep expertise in the transformation of segments such as legaltech and health & life sciences. We advise corporates and investors on strategies that drive growth, performance improvement, and value creation.

Professional & Business Services

An evolving, rapidly changing market

Professionals in domains such as financial markets, accounting, and law, as well corporate executives, all have a similar and growing need for high-quality decision-making tools.

Although specific use cases are determined by their end markets and particular workflows, all these users and their institutions face similar pressures.  They need to take faster and more accurate decisions both to gain competitive advantage and improve efficiencies in response to customer pressures.

Information users have information overload, so they need better analytics to digest content. They need to manipulate content and analytics in tools that meet the precise needs in their individual workflows. Ideally, they need these tools to operate seamlessly across sometimes spaghetti-like disparate systems. These challenges also spread beyond professionals and corporate executives to scientists and academics.

Opportunities and challenges

The markets for business-critical information and workflow tools for professionals are resilient and attractive. They have strong, above GDP growth and deliver high returns.

The established major players have the advantages of scale and often have entrenched users. Yet they are in constant need of staying up to date and of redefining their offerings to stay relevant as nimble competitors seek to steal a march.  As needs and use cases evolve, these incumbents are figuring out whether to build, acquire or partner, and whether to integrate tools in the platform or operate a marketplace with aligned standards.

A plethora of newcomers are seeking to deploy smarter approaches to gain a distinct advantage in specific use cases. Unencumbered by legacy approaches, some develop highly attractive value-add for customers and potential partners.  


A huge wave of new technologies is disrupting legal services, an industry that has remained fragmented and inefficient for a long time. The AMR team believes legaltech and the associated transformation of legal services, presents exciting opportunities for private equity to create value. Read more

Health & Life Sciences

Despite the presence of some established players, the vendor landscape in life sciences & healthcare data remains fragmented. Small players with domain expertise in specific therapeutic (e.g., oncology) or technology areas (e.g., gene therapy, CAR-T) are attractive acquisition opportunities. Read more

Our experience speaks volumes

AMR is well-versed in navigating these complex and rapidly evolving markets. This includes defining use cases and understanding where applications sit within workflows and interplay with other systems. We also have extensive experience of pin-pointing the unique qualities of decision-making tools compared to competitors and alternatives.

We provide advisory services to private equity and corporate clients, which are looking to enter or grow in these markets. We work with disruptors seeking to accelerate revenue growth, as well as with incumbents that are looking to manage competitive threats or find ways to become disruptors themselves.



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