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AMR International works extensively throughout the value chains of commodities, such as Energy and Agriculture, assessing opportunities, information, and decision-making tools.


Complex supply chains bring opportunities for workflow information and decision tools

Increasingly complex and fragmented global supply chains provide competitive advantage for numerous businesses. They reduce cost and provide the opportunities for more refined products. Yet these supply chains bring risk with multiple participants and weak links.

Users need to know where products are, what their integrity is, when they will arrive and what they will cost. In other words, they require pricing and supply information through the entire supply chain with traceability.

They also need confidence around ESG, for example on sustainability. This information is required in real time, and increasingly predictively.

AMR’s experience speaks volumes

AMR is well-versed in navigating the complex and rapidly evolving commodities software market. This includes defining use cases and understanding where applications sit within workflows and interplay with other systems.

We also have extensive experience of pin-pointing the unique qualities of tech-enabled software businesses compared to competitors and alternatives.

We provide advisory services to private equity and corporate clients, which are looking to enter or grow in the workflow information and decision tools. We work with disruptors seeking to accelerate revenue growth and with incumbents that are looking to manage competitive threats or find ways to become disruptors themselves.


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