Software forms part of AMR’s 25+ years of strategy consulting expertise, interlinking with both Technology and Information.

Within our Technology practice, we specialise on the software which underpins the operations of all modern businesses, for example: enterprise resource planning (ERP), business intelligence (BI), marketing technology, financial management systems (FMS), governance risk and compliance (GRC) and cybersecurity.

We also support industrial technology groups that are adding value-added software to their hardware offerings.

Within our Information practice, we are strategic consulting experts in industry-specific software solutions. Software in this context is used to serve up information through increasingly intelligent search tools, data visualization and analytics. It can also be used to process large datasets which drive specialist decision support tools.

AMR is well-versed in navigating the complex and rapidly evolving software market. We provide advisory services to private equity and corporate clients, which are looking to enter or grow in the software market. We also work for software companies that are looking to manage competitive threats and accelerate revenue growth.


For further information contact:

Denzil Rankine
Executive Chairman