IT Services & Cybersecurity

AMR’s specialist Technology team has a solid track record in IT Services, with a strong focus on Cybersecurity, globally. We understand the complexity of these markets, along with the significant value creation potential for investors.

IT Services & Cybersecurity - a rapidly growing and changing market

A phenomenal time to invest in IT Services 

With worldwide IT spending forecast to reach $4tn by 2024 (IDC), firms across the IT services spectrum, especially those at the forefront of digital transformation and cybersecurity, have had a tremendously busy 18 months. The market is growing at a phenomenal rate and has drawn tremendous interest from the investment community.

From our experiences we see: 

  • Digital transformation (DX)  - will continue to grow at double digits and is widely accepted as an ongoing process that will continue with technology evolution
  • Emerging technologies (e.g., IoT, AI/ML, RPA, etc.) - will play an increasing role as growth drivers and become reality for many enterprises
  • Cloud adoption  -  will continue to drive IT spending at double digits. It is delivering mobility advantages that are facilitating a remote working culture, accelerated by Covid-19. 

Cybersecurity - a priority area for CEOs and CTOs

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing and most robust segments of global IT expenditure.

Through our work we are finding:

  • Continual data breaches, phishing scams, ransomware attacks, and cyber espionages are fuelling IT security spend globally
  • The covid-related explosion in remote working has not slowed the trend – quite the contrary. 
  • Ever-increasing levels of investment across the value chain as companies compete for market share. Many seek to consolidate in a fragmented market where there is a constant influx of new entrants
  • Technological developments, business model innovation (including the trend towards service-based and outcome-oriented solutions), customer requirements, and value chain dynamics also keep evolving

In parallel, as IoT expands there is increasing scrutiny over the security of connected objects. Hardware, software, and network solutions are being developed, with multiple approaches to securing IoT – an essential topic for Industry 4.0, supply chain, and logistics to name just a few.

Our expertise

AMR’s work is focused primarily on transaction support and growth strategy. We work with companies across the full spectrum of IT Services including vendors, distributors, VARs, system integrators, managed providers, service providers, and more.

Many of our projects involve conducting commercial due diligence (DD), market DD, vendor commercial DD, and IPO support. We also help our clients innovate, get into new markets, update strategies, and become industry leaders. 

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