Clean & Niche Industrials

AMR International has a long history of working with industrial technology companies to drive growth and create lasting value. We work across the spectrum of clean, including materials, energy, services and disposal. Our projects span mid-market and large cap corporations.

Niche Industrials

AMR helps its clients to create value and drive growth through activities that boost and sustain superior margins. We display technical expertise, with a detailed understanding of the landscape of buyers; and through defining customer needs and defending attractive niches.

We support all sizes of industrial technology companies, from smaller companies positioned in attractive niche markets to diversified global organisations.

AMR’s experience spans a wide range of industrial processes and activities. We also work across many sectors, allowing us to transfer insights and approaches between industries.

We have worked on hundreds of assignments in industrial technology. Our experience is particularly deep in process control, flow control, automation, test and measurement, and sensors. AMR works across a wide range of sectors including aerospace, automotive, electronics, manufacturing, transport and logistics, energy, and construction.

Part of our approach involves applying AMR’s unique “Sources of Value (SoV)” framework. This framework is a proven tool that supports our clients’ strategic growth initiatives.


As the role of Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) moves to centre-stage, influencing a wide range of corporate decisions and investment choices decisions, we see an increasing range of opportunities opening up for providers of “Clean”. We work across the spectrum of “Clean” including materials, energy, services and disposal.

We support the assessment of the attractiveness and viability of “Clean” opportunities by analysing the drivers of demand as well as the merits of the solution. Gone are the days of “Clean” being nice-to-have if the cost equation adds up.  We help to assess the trade-offs surrounding the risk of not adopting new approaches called for by customers and other influencers such as regulators and specifiers.  


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