As a leading boutique strategy consulting firm, AMR International has deep expertise in our chosen technology segments: Smart Industrials; Software and Life Sciences.

AMR helps its clients to create value and drive growth through activities that boost and sustain superior margins. We display technical expertise, with a detailed understanding of the landscape of buyers; and through defining customer needs and defending attractive niches.

We support all sizes of industrial technology companies, from smaller companies positioned in attractive niche markets to diversified global organisations.

AMR’s experience spans a wide range of industrial processes and activities. We also work across many sectors, allowing us to transfer insights and approaches between industries.

We have worked on hundreds of assignments in industrial technology. Our experience is particularly deep in process control, flow control, automation, test and measurement, and sensors. AMR works across a wide range of sectors including aerospace, automotive, electronics, manufacturing, transport and logistics, energy and construction.

Part of our approach involves applying AMR’s unique "Sources of Value (SoV)” framework. This framework is a proven tool that supports our clients’ strategic growth initiatives.

To learn more about how AMR can help support your business needs, please contact Denzil Rankine.

Life sciences is a dynamic sector, with high risk and high returns. Health spend is growing, new technologies are disrupting the market, and there is an increasing trend towards more patient-centric medical care. The supply chain is revolutionising in the search for higher productivity and higher returns.

Our strategy consultants are well qualified to navigate this environment; we and work with leading industry players and financial investors. We help identify attractive industry opportunities and develop strategies that will allow their businesses and investments to grow and create sustainable value.

AMR has worked on 100+ life science and medical projects spanning pharmaceuticals, R&D, medical products and devices, healthcare software and data analytics tools and media.

To learn more about how AMR can help support your business needs, please contact Denzil Rankine.

Software forms part of AMR’s 25+ years of strategy consulting expertise, interlinking with both Technology and Information.

Within our Technology practice, we specialise on the software which underpins the operations of all modern businesses, for example: enterprise resource planning (ERP), business intelligence (BI), marketing technology, financial management systems (FMS), governance risk and compliance (GRC) and cybersecurity.

We also support industrial technology groups that are adding value-added software to their hardware offerings.

Within our Information practice, we are strategic consulting experts in industry-specific software solutions. Software in this context is used to serve up information through increasingly intelligent search tools, data visualization and analytics. It can also be used to process large datasets which drive specialist decision support tools.

AMR is well-versed in navigating the complex and rapidly evolving software market. We provide advisory services to private equity and corporate clients, which are looking to enter or grow in the software market. We also work for software companies that are looking to manage competitive threats and accelerate revenue growth.

To learn more about how AMR can help support your business needs, please contact Denzil Rankine.