Performance improvement

As sector specialists in technology, information and events, AMR is a leading strategy consulting firm with extensive experience in helping businesses improve operational and financial performance.

We combine customer insight, data analysis and our deep experience to pinpoint inefficiencies that may for example be impacting sales or the customer experience or driving increased production costs.

AMR understands each organisation has its own unique challenges. We partner with our clients to design, plan and deliver a highly customised performance improvement programme that will lead to the right outcomes – saving time and reducing costs.

Our most frequent projects include:

  • Organisational design – This involves developing an organisational structure that leverages resources effectively and which maps them to customer needs, enabling improved performance
  • Pricing – We typically take a staged approach starting with assessing customer needs and value, moving on to price and product strategy, through to price setting and finally on to implementation. Our strategic approach is tailored to respond to our clients’ strategic and financial priorities, whilst achieving maximum sustainable profitability
  • Salesforce optimisation – We help businesses match their sales and marketing resources and activities to customer needs. We measure efficiency and effectiveness of the current organisation before bringing stakeholders on the journey to a revised sales model, including channels, organisation and incentives
  • Change management and training – We help organisations on the journey to operating in new and more effective ways. This can include supporting the development of leaders with for example training in improved strategy and planning processes
  • Turnaround – We work with struggling businesses to identify the levers that will support turnaround. We then develop robust performance improvement strategies, including restructuring if required to stabilise the business and improve its financial performance

To discuss how our strategy consulting can improve the performance of your business, please contact one of the AMR team.