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AMR International has a 30-year track record supporting the transformation of B2B content, marketing services and marketplaces. Our expertise is grounded in pinpointing customer need and identifying potential value creation opportunities.

Marketing Services

The role of technology in marketing continues to expand rapidly due to the data explosion. An ever-expanding set of tools is bringing both more process and more analytics to marketing functions as technology suppliers seek to improve workflow, make targeting more precise and manage increasing complexity.

At the same time the agency landscape is changing, with the continued emergence of integrated agency models; whilst at the same time there is a growing opportunity for a wider range of agencies to take a seat at the “top table”. AMR advises major marketing services groups on acquisitions and strategy and supports private equity investments in the sector.


AMR has supported the transformation of B2B content businesses over three decades.  As distribution has digitised, the volume and in some cases the quality of free content has exploded. With monetisation becoming more challenging, content providers must adapt to survive.

AMR’s approach is founded on pinpointing customer need and identifying potential competitive advantage. This has allowed us to guide the transformation of world-leading B2B content businesses on both sides of the Atlantic.

B2B marketplaces

B2B marketplaces sit at the intersection of the sectors we cover. We see a continuing set of emerging opportunities in B2B marketplaces in niche markets with specific characteristics that differentiate them from major, multi-sector players. In some cases, their development can be expected to follow the same explosive growth curve as consumer marketplaces and e-commerce.


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