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AMR International is the global leader in strategy consulting for the events and exhibitions industry. Our mission is to create value for our clients and act as a guide for transformation.

With a 30-year track record, we are the go-to strategic advisors for the world’s leading organisers, venues, service providers, event tech, and investors.

Events Ecosystem & Technology

Never in the history of the events industry has there been so much disruption and challenge. But the future presents new, exciting opportunities for those ready to embrace change.

Organisers and venues that actively engage with customers and harness event technology (including data and analytics) can deliver better, lasting value to the communities they serve.

What we do at a glance:

AMR provides comprehensive strategy support across the events ecosystem. Our focus is on bespoke consulting support for venues, event organisers, service providers and event tech.

We cover every aspect of event and organiser strategy and transformation. We also provide pre-and post-transaction support for corporate and financial investors. We operate globally.

AMR consulting services

Thought-leaders and industry data


Strategy support for organic growth

  • Portfolio and event strategy – is showing the way for accelerated growth of a successful asset or solving the challenges of ailing assets. For ambitious exhibition organisers, our Community Catalyst concept provides useful frameworks for expansion

  • Market entry and show launch strategy – identifies, challenges, and quantifies growth opportunities and delivers a roadmap for success

  • Digital and data strategy – involves helping event organisers create and expand revenue streams through digital platforms and harness data for better outcomes

  • Performance improvement – involves identifying strategic and operational inefficiencies and developing solutions, including through our Exhibitions 2.0 set of initiatives

  • Pricing – focuses on participant value to optimise sustainable profitability.

Inorganic initiatives

  • Market prioritisation and acquisition search – includes identifying and profiling the most attractive markets and acquisition targets for our clients’ long-term growth strategy using client-specific parameters.

  • Commercial due diligence – provides a go/no-go answer built on assessing future target performance, evaluating synergies and challenging / reworking the business plan. We also devise integration plans to ensure sustainable value creation and minimise risk. For more, see our work in transaction support.

Our approach to solving our clients’ problems includes a blend of qualitative (e.g. Voice of Customer & market insights), quantitative (e.g. data & predictive analytics) and collaborative (e.g. workshops) methodologies, focused on providing clear, practical and pragmatic outcomes.


  • Venue design considerations
    AMR provides venue developers and investors with market-led analysis to support venue feasibility and design enabling stakeholders to adapt venue design and to define venue strategy for commercial success.

  • Venue commercial strategy
    AMR supports venue operators in (re)redesigning their commercial strategy for sustainable success.

  • Economic impact assessment
    AMR provides economic impact assessment for venue developers and stakeholders that sets out the full sets of economic and employment benefits of venue development on the economy.

Service providers and event tech

  • Growth strategy
    AMR supports event service providers and event tech firms in defining sustainable growth strategies.

  • Go-to-market strategy
    AMR helps service providers and event tech firms develop commercial strategies and go-to-market roadmaps.

AMR Transform

AMR’s mission in events is to act as a guide for transformation. We provide thought-leadership, publish authoritative industry data and commentary and run incisive events for senior industry leaders.

  • Digital product development - we support organisers in the design and launch of data-led digital products and services. Our analytical tools also enable predictive approaches for impactful decision-making.

  • Events for senior leadership - AMR also holds small-scale, tailored events for C-level industry executives, e.g. Transform roundtables and Corporate Development Forum.  

AMR Globex

Event organisers and investors turn to AMR for the latest in global exhibitions industry research and data to help shape their growth strategies and performance improvement. Our forward-looking views and unbiased analysis are highly sought out by investors, clients, and the media.

  • Unique data products
    We hold an extensive database, based on 6,000+ events, that provides key performance indicators for the industry – enabling us to deliver deep levels of insight. We also regularly publish industry updates on countries and specific sectors. 

  • Globex - the definitive global exhibitions industry dataset
    Each year AMR publishes Globex, the authoritative source of data and commentary on the industry. Globex provides domestic and global analysis of the world’s most important exhibition markets. Globex is also used by the world’s leading event organisers to plan their annual growth strategies.

  • The AMR Top 20
    This is the only global ranking based exclusively on exhibition organising revenue. Collated using exclusive Globex data, the AMR Top 20 enables exhibition organisers to easily see how they rank in the global events market.

  • The AMR Exhibition Recovery Tracker
    This interactive dashboard was available throughout 2021. It provided a monthly quantitative view of how face‑to‑face exhibition activity was recovering across 15 major exhibition markets by comparing it to pre‑COVID event activity. 

UFI – The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry

AMR is proud to be a longstanding member of UFI. Our Executive Chairman, Denzil Rankine regularly presents at global leadership conferences including those of UFI.

For further information, please contact:

Florent Jarry

Head of AMR's Global Events Ecosystem and Technology Practice

Denzil Rankine

Executive Chairman 


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