Life Sciences & Healthcare Data – an exciting high growth market 


Why is life sciences & healthcare data important?

AMR believes that data and information play a vital role in the life sciences and healthcare sectors.

  • In the pharmaceutical industry, data and information products are increasingly used across the drug development and commercialisation process to increase the success rate of the drug R&D pipeline.
  • Clinical decision support, patient engagement, and monitoring tools are being increasingly adopted by healthcare providers to improve the quality of care and patient outcome.

Why is this market exciting for investors?

The life sciences & healthcare data market is attractive to both corporate and financial investors. This is due to rapid growth fuelled by robust underlying market drivers and the fragmented nature of the vendor landscape.

In life sciences:

  1. Increasing R&D spend with a high cost of failure, drives demand for data-based decisions at multiple critical decision-making points. This increases the success rate of the R&D pipeline.
  2. Structured drug development, clinical trials, and commercial data sets can help reduce risk and the time to market.

In healthcare:

  1. The increasing complexity of diseases (e.g., sub-types of cancer) and treatment combinations makes it challenging for clinicians to provide the optimised treatment plan efficiently.
  2. Most developed countries face an aging population with increasing rates of chronic disease. This is leading to rising healthcare-related costs.

Despite the presence of some established players, the vendor landscape in life sciences & healthcare data remains fragmented. Small players with domain expertise in specific therapeutic (e.g., oncology) or technology areas (e.g., gene therapy, CAR-T) are attractive acquisition opportunities.

Recent deals in the life sciences and healthcare data market:

AMR Life Sciences & Healthcare deals

What is the private equity play?

Private equity players are already active in this market. AMR’s Information team believes that as the life science and healthcare data market grows, private equity will have an increased right to play by accelerating the growth of leading vendors in the space and by deploying a buy and build strategy.

Why AMR?

AMR’s Information team has built deep expertise across a range of information verticals.

We have worked consistently with world-leading information groups for over 30 years providing strategy, development, and transaction support. We have also supported 100 private equity funds. 

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Want more information?

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