AMR International is the world leader in strategy consulting to the events and exhibitions industry. Our mission is to create value for our clients and act as a guide for transformation.

As the industry matures and consolidates, organisers must work smarter and harder at curating their events and their portfolios. To do this requires actively engaging customers and delivering value to the communities they serve.

Applying new technology, such as advanced analytics and digital and implementing progressive management techniques are essential levers for those organisers that refuse to be left behind as the industry transforms.

AMR works alongside its clients on this development path.

Our services

In addition to group strategy and event strategy, AMR offers support in every aspect of event transformation:

  • Performance improvement – We identify strategic and operational inefficiencies and develop solutions, including through our Exhibitions 2.0 set of initiatives. AMR also helps to drive revenues from both existing and new sources, while optimising cost structures. Critically we ensure all this is achieved while enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Data analytics – We use advanced and predictive analytics to help organisers enhance the positioning of their events, improve event experiences, and elevate operational efficiency and profitability
  • Digital strategy – AMR helps event organisers create and expand revenue streams through digital platforms. We also advise on the use of a wide range of digital tools that enhance the event experience, improve connections between participants, and boost profitability
  • Market entry strategy – We evaluate target market conditions, profile competing events, and identify growth opportunities to determine the right event strategy for our clients’ portfolio
  • Pricing – We collect and analyse event participant data to create the optimal pricing structure for an event – one which reflects participants’ value perceptions and maximizes sustainable profitability
  • Commercial due diligence – We assess target performance, evaluate synergies and review target business plans. In addition, we devise integration plans to ensure sustainable value creation and minimise risk. For more, see transaction support
  • Acquisition search – We identify and profile the most attractive acquisition targets for our clients’ long-term growth strategy using client-specific search parameters

Unique, rich data sources

Event organisers and investors turn to AMR International for the latest in global exhibitions industry research and data to help shape their growth strategies and performance improvement.

We hold an extensive database, based on 6,000 events, that provides key performance indicators for the industry – enabling us to deliver deep levels of insight

AMR regularly publishes industry updates on countries and specific sectors. For example, our coverage on the US market can be found in AMR’s white paper: The US exhibitions industry – Developments and opportunities for organizers.


AMR is also the author of Globex – the definitive global exhibitions industry dataset. It provides an annual assessment and forecast for the global exhibitions industry. This annual five-year forecast provides an unbiased comparison between the world’s most important exhibition markets. Globex is used by the world’s leading event organisers to plan growth strategy.

We also produce the AMR Top 20, using exclusive data from Globex. This is the only global ranking based exclusively on exhibition organising revenue. It enables exhibition organisers to see easily how they rank in the global events market.

UFI – The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry

AMR is proud to be a longstanding member of UFI.

Our Executive Chairman, Denzil Rankine regularly presents at global leadership conferences including those of UFI, providing key insights into the global exhibitions industry. Recent topics include: Exhibitions 2.0 and insights from Globex.

AMR is s proud member of UFI

For further information please contact the AMR team.