Advanced Analytics

AMR is a global strategy consulting firm with deep expertise in advanced analytics across its specialist sectors – Technology, Information, Media, and Events.

We believe the key to harnessing the power of analytics within an organisation is to combine data, analytical capability and strategic vision. In doing so, we can unlock tremendous growth opportunities for companies.

Our approach

AMR combines a commercial approach with advanced capabilities to help business leaders solve their specific problems. Our approach is designed to be accessible and readily understood by both senior management and customer facing teams. This enables us to can unlock substantial growth and value creation opportunities for companies.

Three example solutions include:

  • AMR’s go-to-market solutions – use predictive analytics to determine the lifetime value and purchase intent of prospective customers. This in turn, helps sales and marketing teams to focus on the highest value activities
  • Our segmentation solutions – help clients define the market in ways that meaningfully match their delivery capabilities to targeted customers
  • Our management information dashboard solutions – use descriptive analytics to allow our client’s senior team to fully understand their business and how their strategy is performing

Our experience

We have used advanced analytics techniques to solve business problems for many of our corporate and private equity clients throughout Europe, the US and Asia. Examples include:

  • Customer segmentation for a major media brand: Using tailored sales tactics and helpful visualisation sales tools, we were able to increase revenue by 40% in the target segments
  • Improved customer lifetime value for a leading hospitality company: Using predictive analytics, our team of strategy consultants was were able to identify the factors that contribute to repeat visits. Hence, we could help the client prioritise the major factors that would effectively inspire long term customer loyalty.

In these and other examples we are able to measure the ROI of our work. It typically falls into the range of 5-10x after 12 months.

Want to know more?

We would be happy to walk you through the potential of advanced analytics and how it can be applied to solve specific problems and drive the profitability of your business.

To find out more, please contact the Head of AMR’s Analytics team, Adam Wendelboe.