In developing a strategy, we work closely with management teams and stakeholders to help decide which corporate goals to focus on – and how best to attain them. 

Our work is rooted in truly understanding customer needs. We combine this with data analysis, critical thinking, and insight derived from our sector expertise.

Our capabilities include:

  • Business model transformation – We help our clients stay ahead of evolving market conditions and adapt to changing customer preferences through market positioning, growth strategy, and performance improvement
  • Decision support – Using data-driven insights including advanced analytics, we help clients make informed decisions to solve specific problems such as strategic choice evaluation or high cost of sales
  • Go-to-market strategy – Understanding customers sits at the heart of our work. We perform in-depth customer and market analysis to determine the appropriate customer segments to target, the best way to reach them and how to price effectively
  • Growth strategy – We identify and evaluate a client’s most attractive options for growth and advise on implementation to support optimisation of resource allocation and achieve strategic objectives
  • Market entry strategy – We understand markets in detail, including customer needs and competitor strengths. This allows us to provide practical advice on market entry options
  • Voice of customer (VoC) – We have deep expertise in listening to and understanding customers. AMR always seek out insights to customer needs and motivations, along with the challenges they face, enabling our clients to improve their competitiveness 
  • Portfolio strategy – We evaluate portfolios, including reviews of individual businesses, assessing the health of each asset and providing insight to inform investment or divestment decisions

To discuss your business growth strategies, please contact one of the AMR team.