Niche industrials – using advanced analytics to boost company performance

Boutique strategy consultancy, AMR International announces it has incorporated advanced analytics into its highly successful “Sources of Value (SoV)” framework for organisations. Designed for smart industrials, this proven strategic tool can now help companies turn its vast data into ‘real’ meaning and boost its performance.

As Denzil Rankine, Executive Chairman, AMR International explains, “We see many businesses collect vast quantities of data from multiple and usually disconnected sources. The challenge is knowing how to link and turn this rich data into actionable information that can accelerate company performance.

“We found one solution is to incorporate advanced analytics into our “Sources of Value” (SoV) framework. Developed in 2012, we have used this proven tool on 50+ smart industrial projects to support a wide range of strategic growth initiatives.”

In its work, AMR combines advanced analytics with its usual “outside-in” tools of strategic research and analysis, coupled with a deep understanding of customer needs through “voice of customer”. As a result, while continuing to use SoV for acquisition analysis and other business development assessments, AMR can enhance the approach with enhanced analysis.

In addition to SoV, specific stand-alone applications of AMR analytics include sales targeting (propensity to buy, lifetime customer value, churn prediction) as well as market segmentation (customer segments matched with feature selection).

See below: AMR’s updated SoV framework incorporating advanced analytics

See below: AMR’s original SoV framework


About AMR International
AMR International is a boutique strategy consultancy with a 30-year track record creating value for its clients across its three specialist sectors – Technology, Information and Events. Specifically, for the technology sector, AMR helps clients in smart industrials, software and life sciences.

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