Sector Globex: Pop Culture

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While many traditional B2B exhibitions face stagnating attendee numbers year-on-year, pop culture is a sector which enjoys increasing attendee engagement. In fact, pop culture events such as comic cons and e-gaming, continue to grow organically and generate exceptional ROI. The pop culture sector is also a highly fragmented and competitive market with considerable scope for M&A activity.

Pop culture events attract:

  • Loyal and passionate fan communities who want to connect and share
  • Both repeat and new attendees, with numbers growing year on year
  • Big brands who want to showcase their products/services to attendees who are ‘big spenders’ on media and entertainment (estimated to be $1.4b by 2020)

To help you better understand these B2C events in more detail, AMR International has released its new Sector Globex – Pop Culture report. An essential resource for your strategic planning This 50-page online report provides insight into:

  • Underlying media and entertainment market, drivers and trends
  • Key success factors and challenges to pop culture events
  • Strategic options for organisers to enter the sector or expand their current presence
  • Overview of top events and organisers by pop culture segment, KPI development, latest strategic initiatives, new launches, etc.


The market

Consumers are spending more on media and entertainment than ever before: an estimated $1.4bn by 2020. Emerging markets are set to lead growth with increasing number of millennial consumers who place higher value on sharing experiences over material goods. Increasing technology penetration in mature market will also drive growth as it allows media content to be accessed via a wide range of platforms. Pop culture events will be in high demand across geographies These favourable market trends and the high degree of innovation will be driving demand for pop culture events in the mid-term.

Event focuses

Pop culture events play an important role by providing fan communities with the opportunity to connect and offering brands exposure to these highly engaged and high spending consumers. Newly launched events have a strong focus on brand promotion, whereas transactions take over as events become more established. It is vital to event’s success that organisers sustain high quality content and entertainment to maintain and grow the attendee base.

Growth strategies

The pop culture events market is highly competitive. While ReedPOP has the largest market share, there is a high number of smaller local organisers. Consumer needs and interests tend to vary by geography, which encourages local ownership and geo-adapted events. Nevertheless, M&A presents a viable route to entry and strategies are dependent on organisers’ current position in the market and in the pop culture segment.


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Charlie McCurdy
Chief Executive, Global Exhibitions Division