Sector Globex: Food and Beverage

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The market

The global food and beverage market is forecast to grow at a +5.3% CAGR (15-18). Growth is expected to be driven by growing emerging markets, increasing populations and expanding middles classes. Fundamentally the market is attractive with structural growth, constant innovation and continuous fragmentation of supply and distribution networks, resulting in a strong need for tradeshows to connect suppliers, intermediaries and customers.

Tradeshow focus

There is an increasing focus on capturing innovation within F&B tradeshows, which is typically achieved by introducing elements of foodservice. Although it is difficult to capture more than one channel at a tradeshow, foodservice has an increasing presence at retail shows and is normally showcased through demonstrations creating a much more experiential ‘buzz’ around the show.

Growth strategies

While the exhibitor base tends to be international the visitor base is localised resulting in only a few truly international brands. In order to expand internationally, organisers have launched geo-clones and several of the top 20 shows have presence in other countries. Partnerships with local associations and acquisitions of well-established local shows are also popular routes for geographical expansion due to the need to have a good understanding of and strong relationships with the local customer, distribution and supplier landscape. Several opportunities have been identified outside of the markets covered in the report.

The report

Sector Globex is the next generation of Globex reports which provide comprehensive market, organiser and tradeshow information on the largest, most attractive and high growth exhibition sectors. Sector Globex reports support senior decision makers at exhibition organising companies in their strategic planning, providing insight on how to play in their current markets in the context of underlying market dynamics and changing competitive environment, as well as highlighting areas for future opportunity

Sector Globex provides insight into:

  • Sector size and growth by region and country (largest mature and emerging markets)
  • Underlying market and exhibitions market drivers and trends, growth forecast by country; upcoming high growth markets
  • Value chain, exhibitor and visitor universe, major structural developments, changes to event formats and cyclicality
  • Top events and organisers, KPI development and market shares, latest strategic initiatives, new launches, etc.

Essential reading for:

  • CEOs, MDs
  • M&A and Corporate Development teams
  • Group Exhibition Directors, Show Directors
  • Group marketers, Divisional marketers


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