Globex 2022

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We are delighted to announce the 14th edition of Globex – the global exhibition organizing market: assessment and outlook to 2024 – is now available to purchase online.
Globex continues to be the only resource of its kind that provides a complete picture of the global exhibitions market

Why Globex 2022 is a must this year!

Every year corporate development teams and investors rely on Globex to help shape their strategic planning and performance improvements. This year is no different.

Our 500+page report includes:

  • Granular forecasts for each of the 20* major markets up to 2024, covering total revenues, NSM recovery, price evolution and other indicators
  • A breakdown of digital revenue for each market including trends pre, during and post-COVID
  • Growth strategies of leading international and local organizers
  • The evolution of organizer landscape, post-COVID strategies, the latest M&A activity, plus much more!

Each of the 20* country chapters contains:

  • Summary
  • Market size and forecast
  • Visitor and exhibitor dynamic
  • Sector split
  • Competitive dynamics
  • Venues
  • Appendix (venue map, top 20 show KPIs and key organizer profiles)

Globex 2022 includes:

  • Executive summary (80+ pages)
  • Individual chapters on 20* mature & emerging countries (500+ pages)
  • Easy-to-access and easy-to-browse interactive PDFs
  • Excel data tables
  • Up to 5 user licenses (unlimited offline and online access)
  • See full Table of Contents


  • £8,500   (Organizers and Associations, including UFI and AFIDA members)
  • £10,700 (Non-organizers)

Please note: You may notice a higher price compared to previous years. This is our first price increase for Globex in six years. Price adjustments were necessary due to rising production and resourcing costs.

Who is Globex for?

Globex is essential reading for all participants in the global exhibition industry. This includes organizers, private equity and corporate investors, exhibition venues, service providers, industry associations and regulators.

Recommended by industry leaders

“Globex is the bible for the events industry.”

“To understand the global exhibition industry in nuanced detail, there is only one place to go: AMR’s Globex report.” Charlie McCurdy, Chief Executive – Global Exhibitions Division,  Informa Markets 


*The 20 markets featured in Globex include: US, China, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Russia, Hong Kong, Turkey, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Macau and the Philippines.

How can we help?

For further information please contact:

Joseph Brownell
Marketing Manager