How to structure the events organiser of the future

We think that this is the time to challenge how an events organiser should be structured in light of changing customer needs. As participants at events are becoming increasingly demanding, as the digital revolution encroaches into events and as competition intensifies, the time has come to think hard

After setting corporate strategy, the C-suite needs to decide how to shape its structure according to a range of inevitable trade-offs. These include:

  • Entrepreneurial silos vs uniform, systematized approach
  • Sector focus vs. geographic focus
  • Centralised vs. dispersed functions, e.g. marketing

Our insight paper re-evaluates some of the basic premises of a successful organization in the events industry. AMR’s guidelines for a successful organisation include

  • Innovation has to be a constant
  • Event directors must be fully capable of owning the strategy of their events
  • Data analytics should be coupled to strategy and marketing
  • Marketing should be at the heart of the organisation
  • Incentives should be linked to performance as well as to KPIs that indicate future performance

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