Exclusive Group secures major new investment from Permira to fuel growth strategy

Congratulations to Permira on its €1.3bn investment in Exclusive Group, a global, value-added distributor of cybersecurity and related software. AMR supported the transaction with vendor commercial due diligence (VCDD).

AMR articulated the company’s business model and tested its resilience against future market, vendor, and competitive evolution – particularly the risks and opportunities presented by cloud migration. We also commented on the achievability of the top and bottom-line forecasts.

Exclusive Group’s Director of Corporate Development, Nicolas Trombert, commented “AMR showed a valuable deep knowledge of the cybersecurity market; and did a great job in providing a clear understanding of our business model”.

Alongside its VCDD report, AMR created a guide to the market and value chain for the lending banks less familiar with the sector. Advisors on the transaction included Natixis Partners. Executive Director Benjamin Giner said: “AMR’s thorough understanding of the IT security market, and the deep insight they developed into Exclusive Group were great assets in supporting the successful evolution of the group’s shareholding”.

For further information contact: Denzil Rankine, Executive Chairman – denzil.rankine@amrinternational.com