Optimum pricing strategy (Events)

AMR helped a leading conference organiser to adjust its pricing model –and to transform its financial performance

Client and project overview

  • A conference for professionals was struggling. It had declining sponsorship sales and had kept delegate fees flat for 10 years due to competition
  • It now needed a pricing structure that would allow it to maximise delegate revenues

Key question

  • How can overall revenue decline be stalled, whilst maintaining delegate attendance levels?

Highlights of AMR’s methodology

  • AMR carried out an analysis of historic attendance patterns, delegate data and competitor events
  • Combining this analysis with in depth delegate interviews and an online delegate survey, AMR developed a delegate segmentation to inform potential pricing scenarios


  • AMR developed a series of pricing scenarios detailing revenue uplift opportunities together with the likely impact on attendance
  • AMR also designed an implementation plan to mitigate delegate loss by phasing price increases and improving both marketing and the event itself
  • The impact on delegate revenues from the new pricing strategy was c.30% per annum

“AMR did an extremely good job getting to an audience that is very difficult to reach. With our new pricing strategy we went on to achieve an eight x RoI. That’s when you know that a piece of work was worth it.”


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