Performance against five year strategy (Events)

AMR used workshops powered by quantitative analysis to help an events organiser to reshape itself and improve profitability

Client and project overview

AMR assisted an innovative European events organiser, Easyfairs, to reinvent the company and to improve its performance
A follow-up exercise benchmarked show portfolio performance against KPIs to determine next steps

Key questions

  • How does Easyfairs perform against identified KPIs?
  • What is the reason for under or out-performance?
  • What actions need to be taken to bridge the gap and where are any potential capability shortfalls?

Highlights of AMR methodology

  • AMR combined in-depth quantitative analysis of internal data with direct customer feedback to assess the current trajectory of the business compared to goals
  • This was used to drive focus on improvement areas during a series of collaborative workshops


  • AMR was able to establish where Easyfairs had correctly implemented prior recommendations and had improved performance
  • We agreed further actions to reshape the group and further steps to ensure success across the business

“AMR’s analysis and workshops gave us excellent insight into the business and our future strategy.