AMR conducted a market review of maritime analytics in the Oil & Gas industry​

Client and project overview

Our client’s AIS data provides the platform to architect superior Maritime fundamental data and analytic solutions. They do this successfully through Terrestrial (VHF radio) and satellite AIS-based tracking for over 120k vessels around the globe.

AMR was asked to assist in a market review of the applications of maritime analytics in the Oil & Gas industry​. We were also asked to present the size of the opportunity within the target market.

Key questions

  • What was the market opportunity (use cases) for Vessel Analytics? How sustainable is the demand?
  • What were the possible use cases for Events? How could these be monetised?
  • What were the customers’ needs and were they fulfilled by the existing products?

Highlights of AMR’s Methodology

  • Our work involved sizing the market potential for AIS-derived products and services within the maritime sector
  • We also developed and prioritized growth opportunities for the most relevant user groups (commodity traders, marine insurers, and maintenance companies), and assessed our client’s ability to win
  • To determine the right approach, AMR completed 50 interviews with customers, prospects, and market experts


  • AMR concluded that our client was well-positioned to capture the expanding opportunity in enriched data and analytics and deepen customer value
  • We also identified an existing opportunity to create differentiated next generation of AIS-enabled enriched data and analytics
  • However, AMR found that additional investment was needed to transform our client’s current capabilities and systems in order to execute the opportunity.

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