AMR helped a US legal research and analytics provider secure more customers

Project: market segmentation and go-to-market strategy

Client and project overview

  • Our client, a provider of legal research and analytics to leading law firms in the US, came to AMR wanting to gain a deeper understanding of its customer base. The purpose was so the client could make a more informed decision about their revised go-to-market approach.

Key questions

In order for AMR to successfully conduct market segmentation and a go-to-market strategy, we asked the following questions:

  • How can law firms be segmented in the US?
  • Is there a link between a law firm’s profile and the information products they use?
  • Is there a pattern around law firm characteristics and their information purchasing and usage dynamics?
  • How should the solution be positioned in the context of its competitors?


  • AMR segmented the US legal market into four commercially relevant and statistically distinct segments
  • We also provided a clear go-to-market strategy for each segment which identified key product features to be emphasized as well as optimal near-term and longer-term positioning
  • The client was delighted as these new insights enabled them to secure many new customers.

Want more information?

For further information on AMR’s expertise in Legaltech contact:

Christine O’Connell