Inflexion’s Partnership Capital, minority investment, in CloserStill

The UK’s fastest growing international media and exhibitions business
AMR worked closely with Inflexion to develop our hypotheses, using our extensive industry expertise. AMR combined metrics from our extensive proprietary Events KPI database with market and competitor data to address the following crucial issues:


In this follow-up article, we ask Martin to share his insights from the retail world that could help event organisers with their digital transformation. Some of the key points include:


  • How resilient would the business be in the case of a downturn?
  • Where are the company’s events on their maturity curves?
  • How much further growth potential is there in the portfolio?
  • What are the success factors in events and what can go wrong?

Key insights

The company’s success is founded on: An industry-leading approach to some customer-facing execution, including a disruptive approach to events providing better content less expensively than most competitors. Its strong innovative and commercial culture. Its exhibitions are relatively early in their development and serve continuing market needs. The profile of the portfolio underpins its high resilience

So what?

AMR showed Inflexion how Closer Still success compares to other exhibition organisers, how it drives success through the unique mindset of management and also how its two sectors would deliver sustained growth both in the UK and internationally. In addition, AMR set out what Closer Still could do to further its best practice and sustain its successful growth.

Florent Jarry, Head of AMR’s Global Events Practice, led the commercial due diligence on the acquisition.

“AMR had an impressive set of credentials in this sector and they didn’t disappoint. This knowledge together with rigorous enquiry enable us to act decisively” Inflexion Private Equity.”

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