Growth strategy: How AMR helped IEG become a catalyst for opportunity

Client and project overview

AMR worked closely with the Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), a leading exhibition organiser, on defining an ambitious new five-year digital roadmap. From strategy development to implementation planning, AMR helped IEG begin a journey of transformation. The project was considered vital for IEG, as the pandemic radically changed the expectations of its customers – both attendees and exhibitors.

Our innovative thinking has helped IEG create a new post-covid vision. It is AMR’s ‘community catalyst’ concept that has been integral in shaping IEG’s 2022-2027 strategic plan.

IEG embraced ‘community catalyst’ because it takes a fresh approach – significantly enlarging the role of event organisers. The concept puts events at the heart of IEG’s communities, serving their needs and creating value for a wider audience.

Key objectives

In developing IEG’s digital roadmap, AMR focused on the following questions:

  • What is IEG’s current digital offering, and how does it vary across brands?
  • Is IEG’s management ready for digital change? What is IEG’s company vision?
  • How well does IEG understand its customers? What are their customers’ needs and pain points – both for physical and virtual events?​

For the implementation planning phase, AMR focused on helping IEG to:

  • Identify the required workstreams to deploy the roadmap
  • Pinpoint resource requirements, revenue costs, and investments
  • Outline the risks and mitigations from implementation
  • Set a suitable governance structure to support digital transformation

Highlights of AMR’s methodology

  • We conducted in-depth interviews with IEG’s management to fully understand the business. We also interviewed IEG’s customers so we could clearly identify their main pain points and opportunities​
  • AMR analysed IEG’s internal data, including surveys conducted and digital offerings across show brands​
  • We held an in-person workshop that defined the company vision and helped drive substantial excitement around new digital initiatives ​
  • Together, AMR and IEG management was able to identify the main digital opportunities in the short, medium and long term​


  • IEG developed a compelling five-year digital roadmap and company vision. This positions the business for long-term growth and digital transformation. We are proud that AMR’s ‘community catalyst’ concept is now fundamental to IEG’s business model
  • Our work with IEG’s management team also included developing roadmaps with clear objectives, deliverables and KPIs, plus determining financial and human resource needs – all spanning the five-year timeframe

“Thanks to AMR we have set ourselves the target of becoming the community catalyst for the industries we represent through our events. This is an ambitious goal that we are confident can be achieved thanks to AMR’s clear guidance, support and recommendations.”
Corrado Peraboni, CEO, Italian Exhibition Group

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