Global growth strategy: B2B events (Events)

AMR helped a world-leading trade show organiser to define its five year strategy

Client and project overview

AMR was asked to assess whether the global trade show market offered UBM the opportunity to grow substantially, whilst maintaining predictable financial performance

Key questions

  • What is the balance of power in the industry?
  • What is the source of UBM’s success in events?
  • What are the opportunities in UBM’s current sectors?
  • In which sectors / regions is the greatest potential?
  • What are other major organisers’ strategies?

Highlights of AMR methodology

  • Assessed whether an organiser can build a substantial position
  • Evaluated the existing portfolio, and the drivers of success
  • Assessed and quantified addressable opportunity in-existing sectors – other sectors
  • Compared other major organisers’ growth strategies


  • AMR was able to demonstrate that UBM had outperformed most competitors on growth and profitability as it benefiting from strong sectors and geographies
  • AMR advised on possible acquisition targets which would deliver future growth and sustained performance
  • AMR highlighted the implications of potential growth strategies, demonstrating the significant opportunity for organic and acquisition-led growth in a fragmented market

“Thank you very much – a valuable insight on every page and 11 pages of the final report were simply outstanding.


For further information on AMR’s expertise across the Events Ecosystem &Technology, please contact Florent Jarry, Partner