AMR developed a five-year growth strategy for energy information business

Client and project overview

AMR supported a world-leading information analytics company with a five-year growth strategy for its energy business. Our work provided deep insight into the emerging customer needs in prioritised market segments (and relevant adjacencies). Plus, we set a  clear execution roadmap.

Key questions

  • What was the size and growth of the target markets?
  • What were the most important trends and themes?

Highlights of AMR’s Methodology

  • AMR’s sector and geographic focus included global oil, gas, coal (conventional and unconventional, upstream and downstream), and global renewables (biofuels, solar, wind)
  • We leveraged capabilities across our client’s business (e.g. data access, technology, customer relationships). We then linked them clearly to existing energy assets by focusing on large, high growth markets


  • We established that our client had a good starting point in the upstream information market as well as capabilities and brand equity that could be leveraged
  • In addition, we suggested specific areas in which the accessible market size, segment growth rate, and ability to execute were most likely to drive growth for our client.

Want more information?

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