Cybersecurity: AMR helping B2B Growth Equity team to better understand the SOCaaS opportunity and potential acquisition target


Market and industry mapping project


Client and project overview

  • AMR’s client, a leading European B2B Growth Equity team, raised a c.€400m fund to invest in fast-growing technology companies in Europe. This helped them scale and attain leadership positions in their markets
  • Our client was considering entering an auction process for an investment in a French cybersecurity service provider and asked AMR to provide pre-ex LOI support to help it forge its conviction on the business’ potential

Key objectives

  • For this market and industry mapping project, we provided our client with fundamental SOCaaS/MSS market understanding to support it in forging a conviction on the deal, focusing on the:
  • SOCaaS/MSSP competitive environment in Europe
  • core target markets today and tomorrow in France
  • achievability of strong gross margin for a scaled SOCaaS operation

Highlights of AMR’s methodology

  • AMR combined its knowledge of the cybersecurity landscape, a comprehensive desk research programme and interviews with experts to produce:
  • Competitive SOCaaS mapping and assessment of provider stage of development and strategy
  • Target addressable market definition and sizing by segment
  • Assessment of best-in-class gross margin potential and preliminary view on achievability


  • AMR was able to demonstrate that the target had competent tech compared to rivals and the potential to address a large market with strong gross margins.


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