CDD: children’s educational publishing (Information)

The Wicks Group of Companies’ bolt-on acquisition of Dalmatian Press highlights opportunities in children’s educational products

Client and project overview

AMR was to assess the logic and attractiveness of a merger between Bendon (owned by Wicks, a New York-based private equity fund specialising in information, education and media) and Dalmatian Press.

Key questions

  • Will coloring and activity (C&A) be an attractive market in the next 3 to 5 years?
  • Do Bendon and Dalmatian have sustainable competitive advantages?
  • What are the prospects for the combined businesses?

Highlights of AMR methodology

  • Analysed the C&A sector to identify core product categories
  • Researched the main sources of revenues from Bendon and Dalmation
  • Defined the channels of distribution to identify which produced the best performance


  • AMR identified not just where the value lies in the core market, but also in the key segments.
  • AMR also assessed the drivers of growth potential
  • AMR’s research segmented customer behaviour and assessed customer satisfaction levels
  • AMR’s analysis of the potential competitive advantages and market share gain that would result from the merger, supported the investment and integration plan

“As usual, AMR delivered on this project. Their insights and analysis into this market were critical to our investment process and will be used by our portfolio companies as a guide to their future strategy.“ (The Wicks Group of Companies)