AMR performed commercial due diligence for a leading data and analytics company

Client and project overview

  • A leading data and analytics company engaged AMR to perform commercial due diligence (CDD) on a provider of consumer verification, credit, and fraud risk solutions
  • We worked on an undisclosed basis to assess the sustainability of the target’s business model and to validate its deal value

Key questions

  • What is the target’s position within the competitive landscape for credit risk assessment and for fraud analytics?
  • To what extent does the target meet the key purchasing criteria of its existing and potential customers?
  • What is the customer perception of the target and its products?
  • What are the underlying growth drivers, risks, and regulatory hurdles in the target market?

Highlights of AMR’s methodology

  • To find the answers, AMR organised an extensive interview programme of executives, both market experts and customers, across the Fintech, Credit Card and Telecom verticals (e.g., LendingClub, American Express, T-Mobile, Verizon)
  • We also gauged the target’s financial health with a detailed revenue assessment


  • AMR assessed the target as occupying an established and strong market position and provided recommendations for finetuning its go-to-market strategy
  • In light of AMR’s work, our client decided to acquire the target company.

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Christine O’Connell