Commerical due diligence: AMR assisted an international provider of risk management solutions

Client and project overview​

  • AMR assisted an international provider of risk management solutions with the acquisition of a UK provider of location risk intelligence solutions. This commercial due diligence project involved in-depth interviews and exhaustive market research.

Key questions​

  • What is the potential scale of demand for location risk (geo-spatial risk assessment) data and solutions?
  • What is the target’s competitive position in the geo-spatial risk data solutions market by segment?
  • How stable is the target company’s core business and what is the potential to internationalize the business?

Highlights of AMR’s Methodology​

  • AMR combined in-depth discussions with customers of the target company and prospective customers with exhaustive desk research. This formed a view on the extent to which the company could continue its growth trajectory in its core markets


  • AMR was able to establish that the target had reached the boundaries of growth in its current core market. However, it had the potential to expand internationally where markets were less advanced in up-take of location risk solutions

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