Commercial Due Diligence: animal nutrition (Technology)

AMR assisted Provimi in making a major strategic move into the Mexican animal feed market.

Client and project overview

Provimi, a major European animal nutrition business, wanted to build a presence in the Mexican market and had identified a potential acquisition target. AMR was asked to provide input on the achievability of the business plan in light of numerous risk factors.

Key questions

  • What is the structure of the Mexican animal feed market and how is it changing (including industrialisation)?
  • How have external factors impacted the target’s performance?
  • What are the target’s sources of competitive advantage and how sustainable are there?

Highlights of AMR methodology

  • AMR developed a sophisticated understanding of the external factors influencing the target’s performance, including underlying demand, industrialisation, macro shocks, regional variation and competition
  • We combined this with a thorough review of the target’s internal data (including pricing) and customer base


  • AMR’s work proved critical to allowing the deal to go ahead, based on the key finding that recent volatility in the target’s performance was caused by one-off, external factors and the underlying performance was highly stable
  • Our analysis of customer preferences also identified clear value-creation potential
  • Based on clear recommendations from AMR, the business was able to perform significantly ahead of budget in year one

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“The sale of Provimi is the culmination of a four-year project to reshape the business and maximise shareholder value. AMR played a critical role in supporting Provimi as we realised this vision, and helped provide valuable support in the course of a smooth and well-run transaction.” (Provimi)