AMR supports Gladstone Investment in its acquisition of Nth Degree, a leader in exhibit I&D and corporate event services

Gladstone has acquired Nth Degree Inc., a national provider of exhibit installation & dismantling (I&D) and corporate event management services to Fortune 1000 companies

Key questions investigated

  • Where does the value reside in the business?
  • Does the business enjoy a strong competitive position in the value chain?
  • What are the drivers of growth and profitability?
  • How do customers select service providers and is the business well positioned to win share?
  • What is the growth outlook and what are the potential opportunities?

Key insights

  • Exhibitor spend on installation and dismantling services is worth c. $1bn
  • I&D specialists such as Nth Degree differentiate themselves by offering higher quality labor, greater flexibility and consistent service, underpinned by deep customer relationships
  • I&D specialists leverage their competitive advantage and exhibit house relationships to primarily service large and complex trade show exhibits
  • Corporate spend on proprietary events is worth c. $50bn and experiencing strong growth, led by the growing popularity of product launches and user conferences in the technology sector

So what?

AMR identified the main value drivers underpinning Nth Degree’s business in both I&D and corporate event management. AMR explored the strength of its offering and analyzed its competitive positioning in the context of current and future industry dynamics. In addition, AMR provided Gladstone with strategic insights to grow the business in both I&D and corporate events markets, enhancing existing competencies and aligning with adjacent opportunities

About AMR

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