AMR International supports RFE Investment Partners with acquisition of Path to Purchase Institute

AMR advised RFE on acquiring Path to Purchase Institute (P2P), a for-profit trade association and B2B platform serving the shopper marketing and retail industries

AMR also validated the additional value of P2P as a component of RFE’s growing retail and consumer goods media portfolio, alongside recently acquired Stagnito Business Information and Edgell Communications

“AMR’s depth of research was excellent, they gave us the insights we were looking for.”

Michael Rubel, Managing Director, RFE Investment Partners

Questions investigated

  • What is the quality and sustainability of the key properties owned by P2P?
  • Is the membership model the optimal path to sustainable growth?
  • What is the strategic fit and synergy opportunity with Stagnito and Edgell?

Selected insights

  • Shopper marketing uses digital technologies and big data to generate granular consumer insight and target individuals along their paths to purchase. Due to sharp targeting and enhanced ROI measurement opportunities, shopper marketing strategies have been disrupting the industry and capturing an increasing share of total marketing budgets, especially to the detriment of mass media. Spend on shopper marketing maintains a fundamentally positive long-term outlook, driven by technology advancements and increasing value perception
  • P2P is perceived by its members as the leading authority in shopper marketing. The Institute has a sustainable competitive position as the go-to source of education and networking opportunities for shopper marketing experts and their customers, who share a high consideration for the brand
  • Revenue growth has been driven by successful cross-selling of quality educational content, a database unique in the industry and business-critical networking events to loyal members of the Institute; the business has been monetising this material value creation by consistently optimising prices
  • Shopper Marketing is a highly relevant topic for Stagnito and Edgell customers and overlap analysis confirmed tangible cross-sell potential. P2P’s events will particularly benefit from access to Stagnito’s extensive retailer relationships

How AMR helped

AMR identified the value and volume growth drivers within P2P’s portfolio based on a detailed analysis of KPIs, supported by extensive primary and secondary research. AMR provided a clear understanding of the company’s competitive positioning and validated the intrinsic value of the membership model. AMR confirmed the importance of shopper marketing to Stagnito and Edgell customers and identified specific areas where P2P, Stagnito and Edgell can combine forces to drive exponential value for their combined customers base

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