AMR hosted its annual Corporate Development Forum for the world’s leading event organisers

The forum met at The Savoy London to discuss event formats of the future and the importance of innovation 

More than at any other time in our 25 years’ experience in the events industry, AMR sees that supporting change and innovation is a must for event organisers. Organisers need to respond to increasing demands such as:

  • Delivering and proving RoI for exhibitors and visitors
  • The impact of technology as well as the opportunity it brings
  • Evolving needs for enhanced content and experience
  • Changing event formats, such as “high touch” events

AMR sees a set of factors which can allow organisers to transition and embrace change successfully. These include:

Success factors

  • Talent development and acquisition focused on “new world” skillsets, e.g. show managers acting akin to consumer goods brand managers
  • Performance measurement and incentives aligned to innovation
  • Deep sector expertise, allowing an intimate understanding of participant needs
  • Ability to understand and invest in technology and structure data in line
  • Willingness to invest in new ventures and revenue streams

Foremost, innovation needs to be embodied within the culture of an organiser, along with the understanding that the mix of revenues and profits will continue to evolve and move gradually away from pure space sales

AMR supports organisers as they seek to improve their events and their organisations, and embark on the innovation journey. For information about AMR’s insight on organisational changeand how AMR can support you in strategic growth please contact: