Our values

Our values underpin everything that we stand for as a boutique strategy consultancy. They sum up how we express who we are, how we work with our clients and what we should expect of one another every day as colleagues.


We are a boutique consulting firm with an open, innovative, and nimble approach. AMR is passionate about responding rapidly to our clients’ needs – rather than being driven by our own internal process requirements. This enables us to adapt to transforming markets, while developing innovative and pragmatic commercial solutions that align with our client’s goals.


At AMR, we are proud of our people who are experienced, committed to excellence, and trained at elite institutions. Our philosophy is to maximize the potential of each individual. We do this by providing the extensive personal guidance, training, tools, and opportunities necessary to succeed. We encourage our people to challenge the status quo and to openly voice their opinions when it matters most.


We seek a working environment that is supportive and fosters learning and continuous improvement. Together, we work in teams and in partnership with our clients to deliver excellent results – based on our collective efforts. We also draw strength from our deep experience and our culturally diverse teams based in our international offices.


At AMR, we seek to build advisory relationships based on trust. In a fast-changing world, it is important to have an experienced guide that can provide both expert knowledge and insightful advice on which corporate goals to focus on – and how best to attain them. We reinforce this position by always being open and honest in our communication, and acting in an ethical and principled manner.

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